Deb Stoko - A marriage made in hand care heaven

Deb Stoko - A marriage made in hand care heaven

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December 18, 2015

Deb and Stoko have come together to create the world's leading occupational skin care specialist; combining innovation, science and over 80 years of expertise to lead the fight against occupational skin disorders.

They have created the greatest and most comprehensive occupational skin care range that meets all skin care needs with products that people like, understand and are motivated to use. The new Deb Stoko Range will deliver improved health & safety, reduced environmental impact and a measurable economic value. Supported by the world's largest dedicated skin care sales team, Their core purpose is creating a health & safety culture to truly make hands matter in the workplace.

Key Facts

  • Their products are used over 150 million times every day
  • 97% of their products are manufactured in their production sites
  • 23 operations covering 5 continents
  • Their two state-of-the art dispenser manufacturing facilities can produce up to 5 million dispensers

6 Outstanding Benefits

World's Best Products
As the global expert in occupational skin care, our unrivalled products are specially designed to provide optimal performance, with skin friendly formulas that respect the environment. All our products are manufactured to international standards for quality and regulatory compliance.

Incomparable Breadth of Range
All the skin care requirements of all end users in all market sectors are addressed in one range. By selecting the specialist products that are appropriate for each workplace environment, our range can be completely tailored for integration into a dedicated skin care program that will drive improvement in skin care standards.

Continuous Innovation
Our range includes unparalleled innovations and 'World Firsts'; through investing more in R&D than any other occupational skin care specialist.

Deep Knowledge & Support
The Deb Stoko Range is exceptionally supported by the world's largest dedicated sales team, expertly trained and supported by a comprehensive, international team of technical and scientific occupational skin care experts.

Cost Advantage
The comprehensive range ensures the right product can be used for the right application for optimal use and efficiency, with controlled dosing to minimise waste. All Deb Stoko product formulations and dispensing systems are designed, developed and manufactured in-house to provide the best choice solution for every application and to deliver cost advantage.

Smart Packaging
With a unique understanding of customer behaviour, our smart packaging has been designed to be eye-catching, yet universally understood to drive compliance and correct product usage.

4-Step Approach to Superior Skin Care

The Deb Stoko product range accommodates a broad variety of user preferences and application requirements. All Deb products are fully tested, supported and color-coded for easy identification. Deb Stoko - A marriage made in hand care heaven

Check out the reason why Deb is the number 1 provider of hand cleaning and restoration systems around the world.

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